“The Whitest Kids U Know” crash the big screen.

“Miss March” is Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, nudity, pervasive language and some drug use. The run time is 90 minutes and the film came out on March 13th 2009.

The film is about two boys named Eugene Pratt (Zach Cregger) and Tucker Cleigh (Trevor Moore) who are 18 years old and about to graduate.

Tucker continually checks out girls and makes perverted remarks while Eugene is disgusted and tells Tucker to cut it out, as he now has a girlfriend and feels uncomfortable checking out other girls.

Eugene goes to speak at an assembly with his girlfriend Cindi Whitehall (Raquel Alessi) to inform the middle school kids who are listening that they are abstinent and they are trying to encourage everyone to be abstinent to prevent the spread of STD’s. Although Both Cindi and Eugene have high moral standards they both are growing up and they decid that on prom they are going to finally have sex.

“Miss March” is a story how Eugene awakens from a four-year coma to hear that his once virginal high-school sweetheart Cindi has since become a centerfold in one of the world’s most famous men’s magazines… Playboy.

He and his sex-crazed best friend Tucker decide to take a cross-country road trip in order to crash a party at the magazine’s legendary mansion headquarters and win back the girl.

First let me start off with saying that I was stoked when I herd that two of the key players of the sketch comedy group “The Whitest Kids U Know” not only wrote a full-length film but star in it as well. For those of you who don’t know “WKUK”, they are a sketch comedy show on IFC (Independent Film Chanel) that pushes the boundaries and is down right inappropriate.

Being a huge fan of “WKUK”, like I said, I was stoked to see Miss March, but I would have to say I was very let down by the outcome of the film.

The plot itself was rather lacking, but I had hopes that it would take some creative turn to make it different from my initial reaction.
Well it didn’t.

I could predict where the story was going through the whole movie, and although there were some funny parts, I wasn’t laughing as much as I thought I would have been.

“WKUK” is one of the funniest and most outlandish shows on T.V, so I thought for sure the movies would follow the same trend. But it did not.

The most disappointing part of the film would have to be the character of Tucker Cleigh played by Trevor Moore. He was so all over the place, I could hardly handle it. Not only was he way too much to handle, but I spent most of the movie cringing at his exaggerated behavior. Trevor Moore is a good actor but the character was a horrid choice. The whole movie was contrived, and I did not like the final out come. I would recommend “WKUK” to anyone in the world, but “Miss March” is a whole other deal.

I feel this would be a good film to see if you are not familiar with the writer’s previous endeavors. This is a poor representation of Cregger’s and Moore’s work. It fits the mold of every other film aimed at the collage student demographic, but the thing about “WKUK” that  had set them apart from other sketch comedy groups was the fact that nothing, and I mean nothing, is off limits to them. From rapping Hitler to songs about date rape, the writers and stars take everyday tragedies and make them into the funniest thing you can see on T.V

So I guess you could say I was expecting the same kind of humor to shine through on the big screen. I want to make this clear,  I am not saying this is a horrible movie, because that is not the case at. All I am trying to express is that in comparison to what I know from the artist, and what the produced in “Miss March”, I was highly let down.