2011 Wimbledon Outfits


It is already that time of year, yes it is Wimbledon! The outfits are of course all white and yes the women are dominating in their unique outfits for 2011. As always the one of the Williams’ sisters dominated with most unique outfit for the year. There were a few men who definitely made a scene with their outfits, but were incomparable with the women.

Venus Williams was seen with a white “jumper” in the first round against Akgul Amanmuradova. As everyone was shocked to see something out of the ordinary, Venus commented that the jumper is one of the new trends this year and she decided to sport this new look on court, designed by herself. Personally, I don’t think anything is wrong with this outfit, but it should be used maybe during practices over grand slams such as Wimbledon.

Roger Federer, as always, was seen in his sleek white Nike outfit with a white band around his head to hold up his slightly long hair. I do like how he always wears a white collar-neck shirt to Wimbledon, but maybe he needs Nike to change his style to something a little different each year. Seems like he always wears the same thing every year…

Serena Williams surprised us all with a plain white Nike dress and hair pulled back in a ponytail. Maybe she tried to stay conservative, as this was her first time back after her cut on the foot and heart problem. She made it to the fourth round before being beaten by Marion Bartoli, but what a comeback after the rumors of her not returning to the slams.

Rafael Nadal wore his signature Capri pants and cropped sleeve shirt by Nike. As Nadal keeps fighting despite his foot injury, he is still running strong and entered the fourth round of the men’s draw. Nadal keeps it casual and although he is known for his crazy colors throughout the grand slams, for Wimbledon he keeps it nice and simple, just white.

Maria Sharapova, known for her classy looks and sometimes horrid what were you thinking looks, pulled it together for Wimbledon this year with a beautiful white dress with corset mid section stitching that compliments her slim body. She also wore a white Nike visor to compliment her dress. It was the classic Wimbledon look.

There are so many players playing in Wimbledon that these are just a few that came to mind when thinking about this year’s Wimbledon. You of course see everyone sporting their sponsor’s logo, but there was no oops yet with the logo placing. If you don’t remember the fashion mishap, it was during the Australian Open this year when Petra Kvitova wore a logo on the front of her shirt that was too big for regulations and during the match had to remove it. She placed it on the sleeve of her shirt.

I wonder if there will be some type of mishap with the outfits during Wimbledon. I feel like those types of stories makes the game a little bit more interesting for all of us fans out there. Also since the US Open will start around the end of August, there will be more outfits to come for all of us to see! Plus this time color is involved!