34th annual International Night sold out

On May 2, 2015 Bellevue College held its 34th annual International Night in Carlson Theater. To this day it is one of the most highly attended events at the college. Hosted by the International Student Association, this year tickets sold out.

Among attendees were various college administrators including Dr. Ata Karim, Dr. Jean D’Arc Campbell, Nora Lance and Russell Beard, all of whom “dedicated so much time and so much work,” said Valery Borodina, student coordinator of the ISA. She continued, “This year everyone was truly together as one and we couldn’t have done it without them.”
Cuisine from all over the world was served before performances began.

The show started with BC’s flash mob club taking the stage unannounced to perform a choreographed dance. After, there were dances and routines by students and professional performers, as well as a steel drum band. The routines were native dances from countries represented at Bellevue College. International students also dressed in native clothing from their country for the “Parade of Nations” fashion show.

Linda Annable, faculty adviser for the ISA, has assisted the ISA for seven years. “When I work with and get to know these students and watch how well they master living in a new country, meeting new people and adapting to a new lifestyle I am in awe,” Annable said.

This year Bellevue College hired professional videographers and was able to broadcast International Night live on the Bellevue College ISA website. Everyone, regardless of where they were, had the opportunity to watch International Night on their computer. “My dad lives in Ukraine and it was actually 4 a.m. while International Night was going on here, and he watched me from his computer,” said Borodina.

“A majority of the international students at Bellevue College are from Africa and Asia, there aren’t many European students here. When I finally joined the International Students Association it helped me adapt a lot,” explained Borodina. According to their brochure, the ISA “aims to increase the appreciation of cultures, traditions, customs and languages of global communities among our fellow students.”

The ISA holds various other events throughout the year, such as summer quarter’s “Tiki Party,” a celebration of Polynesian culture, a Halloween dance and a Lunar New Year festival.
Annable said, “We would love to have as many students, international and domestic, as possible join us.” To become involved with the ISA as a volunteer or an officer visit the student programs center at C212 to fill out an application.