A look back at the Bulldogs year

It has been an exciting up and down journey for our sport teams this year. With exciting wins and dramatic losses for our bulldogs, it has been a year that tested the resolve, stamina, and hearts of our young sportsmen and sportswomen. Here is the year in a short review.

First off, our women’s softball team went off to a spectacular start under the coaching of Leah Francis.

Winning 41 games they became the northern division’s number one team and had high hopes in the NWAACC tournament. Winning their first game against Centralia 6-3 they started going down hill losing back to back first against Clackamas and then to Chemeketa effectively ending their winning ways and getting home early from the tournament finishing with 42-6 record for the season.

Our other all female team faired much better in tennis, as they always did remaining undefeated for the fourth year in a row. After a tough fought battle at the NWAACC dealing with injuries and tough competition, they nevertheless came away with the win. Although only three players won their matches this year, they still did enough to win for the fourth straight year in a row. Without being cocky or arrogant this team of undefeated locals seems to carry this honor humbly.

Lead by their coach Jason Chapman and team captain Courtney Groszhans lets hope that this year they will continue being undefeated. As of now their record is an intimidating 59 competitions without a single loss.

Our soccer teams faired well. Men’s soccer went nearly undefeated earlier in the year with games against the likes of Whatcom Community College whom Coach Adam Finster says “This was a defining moment for us.” Winning against difficult weather conditions and testing their limits they came away with a 2-1 win.

They also secured wins over the Edmonds Tritons in a 5-1 game. Not to mention an overwhelming victory against rivals Shoreline in a 4-1 game. After that they petered out losing in the quarter finals to Walla Walla in overtime.

The women’s soccer team faired about the same winning some tough games against Highline but losing the final game of the Season against Shoreline in a 1-0 game. They finished the season with a record of 13-4-3.

The women’s volleyball team started off strong, but ultimately lost to tough opposition. Starting off with an overwhelming win over Skagit in a 25-13 game that gave bright hopes for the team. But those hopes were ultimately dashed when they lost three very closely contested sets against Edmonds. Sensing the problems in their team, team member Megan Robinson said “We needed to play better.” Hope that sentiment sets in.

Men’s basketball started off strong and stayed strong throughout most of the season overshadowing their female counterparts in November defeating Yakima Valley 77-61 while the women’s basketball team lost to Yakima in a close match 74-71. Both teams ended up making it to the playoffs with the men’s record at 23-5 and the women’s team 16-11.

Now for baseball, our Bulldogs started the season off with four games against Douglas College going an even 2-2. But undoubtedly their biggest achievement this year was winning the NWAACC over Columbia Basin. Coach Yoshino led our Bulldogs to our fourth state baseball championship and our second in three years. As seen from previous records the Bulldogs lived up to the high standard the BC baseball team has set every year.

Now with a new year starting and new players coming to join our teams, hopefully the Bulldogs will continue in stomping the ground. in victory.