A taste of Italy in downtown Seattle

Barolo, located in downtown Seattle on 1940 Westlake Avenue, serves up a spicy mix of romantic, modern and traditional Italian food in an upscale atmosphere. The restaurant has an Italian vibe with lots of beautifully-hung chandeliers and gorgeous dripped candles.

The food is amazing. Every note of my Tuna Tartare was expressed as I indulged in my small appetizer, wanting more, and somehow managed not to look like a wild ape who has never had such amazing, artfully-displayed food.  Right in front of me was a Picasso rendition that I didn’t want to ruin, but did — that tuna was the best I’ve ever tasted in my life. At 13 dollars it was all worth it.

We also indulged in the cheese plate,  which came with an array of olives and tiny, beautifully-cut bread that fed us both but was small enough for one person.

When our shared entrée came, the Chilean sea bass, it was seven ounces and very flavorful.  Cooked to perfection, it was accompanied with a few vegetables on the side to garnish the flavor and mood of the dish. Just small enough to portion control and big enough to fill up on, I wouldn’t say it was worth the 34 dollars because I could have eaten more.

The table next to us had the delicious veal, and it was as small as my sea bass. It was accompanied by a small-size risotto that I really wanted to taste, but I didn’t want to pay part of the 44 dollars that it cost.

The one warning that I have is that this place is very loud. The noise drowns out music playing and conversation.  However, patrons will look very attractive in the lighting, and the selfies they will be taking would look awesome on Instagram.

This restaurant is five-star and expensive for most people, but if it’s a special occasion I say go for it and indulge a little. For those who can’t afford the whole menu, it is definitely in their best interest to go for their happy hour, which is every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is where they have all of their wonderful appetizers half off. I promise it gets busy in there, so make sure to get in a little bit beforehand, order drinks and make friends with the server.

Make sure to take advantage of the restaurant’s valet parking. Not only is it cheaper, but diners can get back to their right away after eating instead of parking far away and having to walk.