Advising updates

homesplash1Formerly known as the Entry & Advising Services Department, the Advising Department helps brand new students get into Bellevue College by reaching out to the local high schools and admissions counseling. “We also advise students who currently attend BC, helping them to select courses, majors and degrees,” said Brian Foster, academic adviser and transfer programs coordinator.

As a general and exploratory adviser on campus, Foster helps students determine and choose their class schedule while exploring topics such as educational pathways, majors and degrees that best fit them as a person and a student. “As the Transfer Programs Coordinator I plan many campus events like Transfer Week, regular university campus visits and workshops designed to help people get into the university of their dreams.”

The quarterly transfer fair is the main project that the department works on for transfer week. “There will be over 30 admissions representatives from universities all over the state, country and world,” said Foster when explaining the event. Representatives will be available to answer any and all question regarding the admissions process, university life and culture, as well as the degrees and majors that are offered at the campus. “We also are partnering with the BC Writing Lab to offer a Personal Statement Workshop.” explained Foster.

Because the personal statement is one of the most crucial elements that all transfer students need to complete for their application of transfer, the Advising Department collaborates with the BC Writing Lab to offer the Personal Statement Workshop. This is one of the many valuable resources that are offered at the Transfer Fair. However, “we also host regular workshops and university visits on transferring throughout the quarter,” Foster said on the topic of the Personal Statement Workshop.

“Make sure to check your Bellevue College email!” urged Foster. Aside from regularly checking BC email, students can contact the Advising Department for any other information about the Transfer Fair or other updates on transferring to a dream university.