Advocating for students to the City of Bellevue

A new position has opened up within the Office of Student Legislative Affairs, an internship entitled “Legislative Liaison to the City of Bellevue.” This is a quarterly role implemented as a part of the new, refined OSLA and is also tied to the new department of experiential learning. One of the prerequisites that applicants must meet is concurrent enrollment in EXPRL193, a class that connects interns with teachers who direct their growth in the field. The internship will begin on Sept. 2, and last until Dec. 12.
This requires that the student put their understanding of their position at their internship into writing. Initially, students will be required to define and write out three learning objectives related to their area of study, as well as cite the work by which these objectives will be accomplished. As the internship progresses the class will continue to encourage meditation on the student’s work through self-assessment as well as requiring students to create the criteria by which they assess their own work.
While this liaison position is an unpaid internship, its role within the OSLA is an important part of the growth anticipated by its other members and Bellevue College in general.  Brandon Lueken, program coordinator and OSLA/Associated Student Government adviser, explained, “We’re trying to diversify and dedicate our lobbying opportunities, and this position is the beginning of that effort.” The Associated Student Government’s Vice President of External Legislative Affairs, Teague Crenshaw, stated “We want to become the strongest grassroots lobbying force in the state.” In defining this objective he explained “I want us to grow stronger than the other colleges’ programs, to be powerful not just within the Washington Student Association or within the Washington Community and Technical College Student Association, but independently as well.” As Bellevue College continues to grow away from its past as a standard community college into a school offering more four year degrees, the economic and legal issues of its students are changing.
This position will exist to facilitate communication between Bellevue College and the city of Bellevue. Beyond ensuring the OSLA remains informed on the city and its governing, the liaison will leverage the knowledge they are collecting. The application packet explains they must “participate in and implement all aspects of grassroots lobbying efforts, including phone banking, letter writing, email campaigns and campus events.” They will “aid legislative and grassroots efforts for action related to the City of Bellevue.”
In regards to compensation related to the job, Crenshaw explained that “If an expense is made by the student related to the job (e.g., gas), we will pay them back.” but continued to say “there shouldn’t be any expenses for the city legislative liaison.” The application packet for this program states “the Office of Student Legislative affairs may be able to provide a vehicle for job related travel.” As primarily the internship has been created to facilitate communication between BC and Bellevue, physically participating is required. Communication in this role will consist primarily of “face-to-face interaction” rather than relying on email correspondence.
Packets of information for those considering applying are available in Student Programs.