African student association Thanksgiving

On Friday Nov. 16, the African Student Association held a Thanksgiving buffet event at the Bellevue College cafeteria from 1 p.m. to 3:30 pm.

Audre Pierre, the president of the ASA, held the event so students could learn more about the African tradition. A course of turkey and many other African foods were provided during the event. Pierre said, “We want them [students] to come and learn about Africa … that Africa is a continent, not a country and we also want them to know that we meet on campus every Wednesday from 12:30-2 p.m. in C-103.”

The event attracted more than 100 students, many of which stayed to watch traditional African fashion show and traditional African dances.

ASA Vice President Nitha Muntu hoped that the event promoted cooperation and interaction between multiple cultures and traditions. “The real purpose of our Thanksgiving is to bring all together and to enjoy the moments of kinship,” said Muntu.

Muntu added that the event was meant to promote diversity. According to her, there is a Congolese proverb that says, “The friends of our friends are our friends.” The proverb describes how community building is easier than what people think it is.

Associated Student Government Campus Life and Events Representative. Keturah Anderson is one of the promoters of the event. According to her, events like the Thanksgiving event that was held by the ASA provides a great opportunity for students to meet new people. “Many students miss out on many activities at school that are actually fun and could be beneficial for their future,” said Anderson.

The ASA had previously conducted a successful bake sale earlier this quarter. The club is dedicated in having different cultural backgrounds enjoy, share and learn from each other. The club provides a sense of belonging to those of African descent and to the whole student population who would like to learn about the African culture and making new connections.

For more information on future events or how to get involved with the ASA, students can email Audre Pierre at or like the club’s Facebook page, “African Student Association of Bellevue College.”