Alliance hosts “Love, Lust and Language” forum

On the Nov. 22, the student Alliance will be holding its very first event, the “Love, Lust, and Language” forum.

The Alliance is a new committee put together this year dedicated to “working to bring all the programs on campus together to work more efficiently and to improve the lives on campus in any way that we can,” said chairman Trey Jordan.

One way is to “educate the student body in ways that have been neglected before,” said Jordan. That plan of action comes about in the upcoming event. The forum will consist of a panel of representatives from as many clubs and programs as possible who will take questions from students, program directors and the crowd.

“We have gender based questions, different cultural preferences when it comes to love, lust and sex, LGBTQ related questions and it will all come back to how society affects the way that you think which will then effect the way that you speak,” said Jordan.

“It’s a way for everyone understand the perspective of media on men and women, how you’re supposed to be, how you’re supposed to act, the way you should dress and the way you should look,” said Taylor Anderson, Black Student Union director.

The forum is based off  of the idea that high schools tend to discourage, whether directly or indirectly, teens from talking about love, relationships and sex. The point of this event is to educate while having fun at the same time.

“People are going to have fun doing this and not even know that it’s educational. And so two months from now if they get into a situation they can remember what they learned at the ‘Love, Lust, and Language’ forum,” says Jordan.

Marketing the event to different clubs and programs Jordan noted that “as students it’s our obligation to really learn the things that are important to us in life.”

The  Alliance wants everyone to know that “just as marketing and accounting classes are important to your career, learning about why it is you think the way that you think or say the things that you say in relation to love, lust and language is just as important for your personal growth.”

Since the topic is considered taboo “you don’t talk about it and nobody wants to say anything but it’s stuff people need to know,” said Anderson.