An introvert’s guide to breaks at BC

Everybody has a favorite place to spend their free time while on campus, a place that draws them in. And I’m sure you know where that exact spot is for you, but is it really the best place of all? Whether you’re reading this to expand your map of BC lounges or to prove me wrong, I’m here to tell you the gems, as well as the places that stink a little.
First, the places to stay clear of:

5. The lobby of L
It’s busy in here. People are talking. Others are using it as a shortcut to their classes. There’s always something going in here causing noise, noise, noise. That being said, L is particularly handy for group projects, there are plenty of large tables. All in all, I’d give it a 50 out of 100, it’s OK.

4. The library- first floor
The library is overrated. It’s virtually impossible to find a computer and unusually loud for a library. The environment is almost unwelcoming, as if everyone in there is lurking around with a checklist silently judging you from every corner. Eating in the library, “check,” accumulating a stack of papers in their binder’s front pocket, “check,” watching “Friends” on the school computer, “double check.” Not to mention, it’s stuffy.

3. The green chairs of N
Don’t get me wrong, this can be a nice place to hang, especially in the morning,.But as the afternoon hours roll by, people begin to file in. The chairs run out and the volume turns up. And by the time the group playing “Cards against Humanity” and two different language clubs meet, it gets a little too crowded. It’s not worth the walk.
2. The cafeteria
The smell. It constantly smells like someone’s week old left-over salmon they cooked a few minutes too long. Plus, the tables are crowded. Lounging students leaning in their chairs make it close to impossible to weave your way through the tables. And when you finally find an open spot, it will probably be caked with ketchup. But they have good fries, so that makes up for some of the Cafeteria’s quirks.

1. “The café”
Piano. Need I say more? The answer is yes. Yes, I do. The café is packed full of stimulation. There are a hundred different conversations going on at once, phone calls and music (other than the original piano), coffee brewing, and video games blaring. None of these are bad, but when they’re all happening at once, it can be really overwhelming. This is an extrovert’s dream and an introvert’s nightmare.

Now, the places to stay near:

5. The courtyard between C and D
It’s always nice to get a breath of fresh air, especially after being locked in a hot, stuffy classroom for hours, which is far from unusual for this school. The reason this isn’t higher on the list is because this is Washington! It rains. It isn’t very easy to do your work when the rain is spreading your pen’s ink into one large illegible blob. But the courtyard is definitely a favorite on warmer, dry days.

4. Library – second floor
Going up the stairs puts you into an alternate reality. All of a sudden, there’s fewer people, the feeling of intense judgment lessens, and it’s quiet. Find a spot hidden within rows of books or land a window booth with a table and an outlet. There is limited seating. With that in mind, if you plan on hanging out in the library, have a backup plan in case it’s full.

3. D computer lab
Smack dab in the center of campus makes this a nice place for a short break. Get work done before class starts or scroll through Facebook for an entire hour as you procrastinate. If you’re not planning on using a computer, no problem, this lab has some big comfy chairs where you could sink into a deep nap. There’s usually a spot open, but during lunch time it might be full, so keep that in mind.

2. Top of T
It’s great up here. The lighting is good, and it is quiet and cozy. There’s both tables and couches with plenty of outlets. And when you’ve been staring at your math for far too long, there’s a great view of the whole campus. It’s right near the roundabout, in the center of all the buzz, making it easy to get to. The only reason this isn’t number one is because there aren’t many places to sit.

1. Computer lab – N
No one likes to come out here because it’s “too far,” but the extra minute walk is well worth it. It’s huge and you can always find a computer. If a computer isn’t what you’re looking for there’s booths and tables. It is also a great place to work on group projects. It isn’t so quiet that you feel as if you’re not allowed to talk but also isn’t so loud that it is overwhelming. The computer lab has the happy medium of social and antisocial, perfect for any break that may arise.

Note to extroverts: Read backwards, the worst places will most likely be your favorite.