Andrew Croft: men’s soccer coach

Andrew CroftAndrew Croft was appointed as the new Head Coach of Bellevue College men’s soccer team about two weeks ago. Croft replaced Tao Shen who had been the head coach of BC men’s soccer team since the spring of 2011. Croft spent two years coaching the Sounders’ youth programs and helped out with their elite development programs. Croft also started a non-profit organization called PlayUp which offers soccer training and mentor programs.

“I’ve been playing soccer my entire life. I played at Pacific Lutheran, which is located in Tacoma. I was a goalkeeper down there. I played there for two and a half years. Then I’m actually currently training and playing with the Tacoma Stars which is an indoor team down in Tacoma,” said Croft.

Regarding the current team’s line up, Croft mentioned that the boys are great. They seemed to have good skills and are passionate in playing soccer. However, Croft added that since he’s new to the team, he still does not know what the boys’ confidence levels are Croft said, “My role is to get them to show that skill and you know get them to show it in the results as well as outside of Bellevue College I want all these boys to continue on to a four year [university] to get their bachelor’s and also play for two more years.”

Croft was an alumnus of the Pacific Lutheran University. On all of his coaching experience, coaching the BC men’s soccer team is his first collegiate position. During the winter, Croft coaches the team four times a week in the morning. Since the soccer main season is in the fall, winter is the chance to workout as well as so the boys can keep their touches on the ball.

During the spring, Croft might come in two or three times a week. Schedule for the spring tournaments has not been scheduled. “I’m still looking for an assistant coach so that’s causing me to be here a while so it’s technically again part time but pretty much year round,” said Croft.

Croft grew up in Kenmore, about twenty minutes north of BC. Craft also played for the Eastside FC and is familiar with the Bellevue area.

According to Croft, soccer is not just something that kids can play, it can change ones life and help them become better men or women. He added that it could also help one to achieve whatever they want.