Annual job fair to host employers

With the Job and Networking Fair coming up, the Center for Career Connections hopes to help students have an opportunity to network with multiple companies around Bellevue and Seattle, while assisting students in developing their resume, increasing their job opportunities and learning about the job market. The Center for Career Connections aims to help students with applying for jobs or internships and easing their transition from a student to an employee.

On Wednesday, April 29, from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the Center for Career Connections will be bringing in 53 companies to the cafeteria to introduce students to opportunities around King County. The Fair will host companies such as the Apple Store, Microsoft and Comcast. There will be companies ranging from technology to healthcare.

The Director of the Center for Career Connections Cheryl Vermilyea said, “I hope students get a chance to connect with all the different employers that are coming to the event. They can gain a lot of experience from the fair and network with companies that they may be interested in.” Vermilyea advised, “students should look at all the companies, even if they are not interested, because it can broaden their job search and maybe they can find something that interests them.”

“The Job and Networking Fair will allow students to introduce themselves to the employers and help them practice talking and interviewing with the employers,” said Vermilyea. “Students should try to introduce themselves and their interests or study in 60 seconds so the employer can get a general idea of what you’re interested in.” Students are not required to bring a resume, however they can bring one as a reference for the employers when introducing themselves and their experiences.

The Job and Networking Fair will be held in the cafeteria, with some companies in the Continental Room in C120 A and B, and others in the Garden Room, C130 A and B as well.

Aside from bringing in companies for the students to connect with, the Center for Career Connections also hopes to give advice and information to students about applying for a job, writing a resume and preparing for an interview.

When writing a resume, Career Adviser Christina Sciabarra suggested, “give really clear examples of all the work that you’ve done that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. When you do your resume, make sure your name is huge so employers are aware of who you are.”

“Once you write your resume, read through it. If you don’t want to keep reading it, then no one else will,” said Sciabarra.

Resumes are required in most applications and it allows employers to see what work experience an applicant has.

“People should not be afraid to apply for jobs if they don’t have a really high GPA or a ton of experience and a low GPA should not deter you from applying,” said Sciabarra.“The key to the resume is not only to show all the experience you have, but also it is to show the employers that you are capable of doing the work.”

According to Sciabarra, there are certain skills that companies would like to see in their applicant. For example, “I think being able to say that you’re a problem solver is really great or being able to learn quickly,” said Sciabbara, “relationship skills are really important too. The biggest thing that all companies want is the ability to collaborate. Companies want to know if you can collaborate with other teams.”

Sometimes, it is difficult to choose which skills to include.

“One important thing is to really think about all the different skills you have that may or may not be related to the classes that you took at school,” Sciabarra said, “Some of the skills may come from the hobbies or experiences you gained outside of school.”

When preparing for an interview or networking with other employers, Vermilyea said, “be confident when talking to your employer. Employers also want to see that you can carry a conversation and answer questions creatively and confidently. One of the most important parts of the interview is the end when the employer asks, ‘Do you have any questions for me?’” In this situation, students should always prepare some questions about the company or the work environment to impress the employers.

“Ask about their work culture and environment. When thinking about questions, make sure you do a lot of research of the company because it shows initiative,” advised Vermilyea.
The Center for Career Connections aims to help students with the job application process. Students can schedule appointments at their office, which is in the second floor of the B-building.
“Students can always come to us for help,” Sciabarra said, “We want to help you all.”