Apple iPhone review: iOS 7 dissapoints users

Sept. 18 was indubitably an exciting day for Apple fans worldwide. The long awaited iOS 7 was released along with the new iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. Apple’s intention with iOS 7 was to bring about an easier, yet more advanced and more modern looking software to the table. The first few days of navigating the new software was all good and fun until the glitches started. After about a month of having iOS 7, those glitches, along with several new ones every day have yet to stop.

All of the glitches that come with iOS 7 are downright annoying, but one of the worst problems that came with the software are the random shutdowns. Listening to music, texting, scrolling through Facebook–you name it–and out of the blue, my phone goes black for around 10 seconds, presents the Apple logo and turns itself right back on. If it was a one–time thing, that would be understandable; one to three times a week, however, is not.

Going hand in hand with the full device crashing, every single app I have on my phone now has trouble starting up, closing and loading anything new.

Now that I’m a little bit older and always have a full schedule, I don’t use my unlimited texting plan as regularly as I did in high school. When I do text though, I prefer that it actually works and doesn’t put me into a fit of rage. Going through and deleting messages freezes the entire messaging system and makes it look like every single message you’ve ever sent or received has been deleted. The first time I deleted two messages out of a thread, my heart sank because I thought I lost all the other messages in the thread as well. No, it was just iOS 7 glitching.

Another problem that presented itself with the new software is the crazy autocorrect. We’ve all seen the text message fails or the awkward messages that get sent incorrect because of autocorrect, but with iOS 7 it’s taken to a whole new level. You can spell a word right and iOS 7 will change it just because! For example, while typing the word “band” I looked back and saw that the word was autocorrected to “Bangladesh.” How the two words are similar at all, I have no idea.

One of the bigger complaints that I have heard circulating the Apple community is just how fast the iPhone battery is drained with iOS 7 as the software. Before it was launched, iOS 7 was promised to enhance battery life and update your apps in the background but ensure that they aren’t sucking any extra energy out of your phone, but, of course, it didn’t exactly happen like that. On a good day, my battery will last me about eight or nine hours if I just use it to check the time all day long. Also, advice for those who can’t go 10 minutes without your phone, as soon as your battery hits 20 percent, plug it in. You literally have five minutes until your phone dies.

In the end, iOS 7 did and still does have plenty of potential. With a little bit more fine tuning, it could be an amazing software. If Apple is smart, they’ll come out with a new update very shortly in order to address all of these unfortunate glitches and to further please the Apple community.