Apple’s becoming boring

Recently, there’s been numerous confused articles about the lack of a headphone jack in Apple’s new iPhone 7, which the tech giant plans on unveiling this fall at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Although some of Apple’s fans may protest against this development, it won’t be surprising to see long lines of dedicated consumers waiting restlessly outside Apple retail stores around the world. Removing the headphone jack might actually work, however this just seems to be another addition in Apple’s recent releases of unimaginative and lackluster tech. Moreover, Apple seems to be copying other tech giants like Samsung and Microsoft.

For example, the iPad Pro, the new member in the iPad line, is ridiculously similar to Microsoft’s Surface and Surface Pro line. Unlike Microsoft, however, there is nothing “Pro” about the new iPad aside from the uselessly huge screen size. Apple’s marketing proclaims that this iPad is a revolutionary way to be productive while being portable, but there is no software difference in the Pro version and the unnecessarily large screen makes the Pro difficult to handle. Wasn’t the iPad meant to be a productive tablet in the first place?

Microsoft, on the other hand, continues to advance their Surface Pro line with slightly newer designs and upgraded software and hardware. The Surface pen has become more responsive and the Surface is able to fully run Microsoft’s operating system. The Surface Pro is the pinnacle of tablet-computer hybrids.

Although Apple doesn’t explicitly say that their giant iPad Pro is a hybrid device, most of their commercials are designed to combat Microsoft’s Surface lineup. The iPad Pro comes with the new Apple Pencil and it can also be purchased with a foldable keyboard. The Surface Pro comes with the Surface Pen and it too can also be purchased with a foldable keyboard, which is also more responsive and colorful.

Now, Apple plans on releasing a jackless phone, and they will probably claim it as a revolutionary step towards the future of technology. There are a few reasons why a smartphone without a headphone jack might work. First, it will definitely advance the technology behind Bluetooth earbuds and headphones, making the wireless connection less straining on the battery. The jackless phone will probably be thinner and lighter, and the empty space might allow Apple to put other features into the device.

Other articles suggest that Apple plans on releasing a waterproof phone, which is a potential reason why the headphone jack has to be removed. Sure, a waterproof iPhone is cool, but an iPhone with stronger screens and shells might be a better idea since most users would drop their devices on hard concrete rather than into a pool.

Other sources believe a lack of a headphone jack might open new designs for the iPhone such as a wraparound screen. This is nothing new. Samsung’s Edge and Edge Plus have curved screens with powerful software to back up the Quad HD Super AMOLED display. It’s a wordy description of the screen, but when using the phone the screen definitely  provides an immersive experience. LG is working on a bending screen.

These may be rumors, but if Apple were to follow through with any one of them, though it might be a cool device, it won’t be anything innovative. Sure, it might actually be a solid phone, but it’s not something the world hasn’t seen before. Apple’s upper edge on its competitors, however, is that their devices do work and are reliable. Whether Apple makes a waterproof iPhone or a curved device, there’s no question that it will be a reliable product.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that Apple’s recent ideas have been dry. Regardless, Apple’s loyal consumers will continue to purchase the newest devices. Sooner or later, however, people will realize that the tech giant’s products aren’t anything revolutionary. If this does happen, Apple’s masterminds will have to strap down and actually become trailblazers into the future of technology.