Art gallery hosting faculty artwork

The Annual Art Faculty Exhibit is opening tomorrow, Oct. 3, from 3 to 7 p.m. at the Bellevue College Gallery Space (D271). The event will go on from Oct. 3 – 24. It will showcase and highlight the faculty and staff members’ creations who are also active artists in the community. The exhibition will show artwork in a variety of media, including drawings photography, ceramics, sculpture and others.

Ross Brown, one of the art faculties at BC, has been teaching various classes including drawing, two dimensional-design, three dimensional-design, and sculpture. Brown joined the art faculty exhibit the first year he taught at BC. For this year’s exhibition, he has yet to decide which drawings to showcase.

“We want the students to see what the faculty can do,” said Brown. Brown invites all students to come to the exhibition, especially on the opening day. The opening day is when the artists will present, so that people can directly interact with them, network, and see some wonderful art pieces. According to Brown, having a gallery is a part of campus culture. It would be wonderful if students get the chance to explore the things the campus has to offer by simply coming to the exhibition.

Another faculty, Patricia De Caro, will be showcasing her artwork at the exhibition. De Caro, who has been teaching at BC for over 20 years, is proud to be a part of the BC art faculty. It is filled with artists that are still active in their field. De Caro is the recipient of the “2012 Twinning Humber Lifetime Achievement” award. This award is given to a Washington state female artist who is over a certain age who has dedicated a substantial portion of her life to art through the Seattle’s Artist Trust.

Similar to Brown, De Caro has been showcasing her art pieces annually at BC’s Gallery Space since she became a faculty member. She has taught classes ranging from drawing, two dimensional-design, and watercolor. Relating to the exhibition, De Caro said that it is a good time to see who the instructors really are, the point-of-view of the artists, as well as their technique and style. “The art department here at our school is a happening place, you’ll find that it’s exciting to see the active faculties’ creative work. For this year’s Art Faculty Exhibition, De Caro is going to showcase two of her most recent pieces.

International student and Associated Student Government President Takhmina Dzhuraeva, is an interior design student here at BC, and she never missed the chance to go to the Annual Art Faculty Exhibition. Last year Dzhuraeva went to the exhibition and thought that it was great to see her instructor’s work. “It was interesting to see your teacher’s work because it creates a more personal connection between the teachers and students,” said Dzhuraeva.

Dzhuraeva said that by having the instructor’s work exhibited at school, it shows what they’re doing outside of teaching classes. Dzhuraeva is looking forward to go to the exhibition this year. According to her, going to such exhibitions gives her inspiration and motivation to produce more creative work, especially seeing the work of instructors who are in the same field as hers.

So students, what are you waiting for? Try to expose yourself with a little bit of art, and it might inspire you to do something big. “Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable,” quoted from George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright.