Artist drawn to comic creation

"Madman" Cover (SOURCE: is one of the most phenomenal artists within the graphic novel and comic book world. He has ties with Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Mallrats”),Frank Miller(“300,”“Sin City”),filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (“Sin City,”“Desperado”), and several other well-known personalities. Most people are not familiar with his name.

Michael Allred’s art, coupled with his wife, Laura, coloring the work, has a classic 1950’s and 1960’s pop art look.

Allred, an Oregon native, has had his hand in comic books for over twenty years. His 1990 beginning in “GRAFIK MUZIK” led to a film adaption called “G-Men From Hell” in 2000 and spawned his most famous character “Madman.” This marked the start of Allred’s ascent in the art world.

Allred’s work is not just amazing in its rich storytelling and pop art, but also has revolutionized the comic book world. Madman has not only been Allred’s longest running and most popular character but also displays his experiments with the comic book medium.

In the third “Madman Atomic Comics,” Allred used over 23 different art styles besides his own, a feat never before done in comic books.

In the ninth “Madman Atomic Comics,” the 28 pages are not divided by panels but rather displayed as one continuous piece of art.

In another, a seven-issue mini-series titled “Red Rocket 7,” the original released issue was sized to resemble a 10-inch x 10-inch vinyl record cover.

Allred shows no signs of slowing down in his quest for greater artistic ingenuity. He has several new projects on the horizon and a recently released album, “Left of Center of the Universe” from his band “The Gear.”

It’s not Allred’s famous friends and critical acclaim that makes him exceptional, but rather his humble persona and richly unique art. He stands today as one of the best comic book artists in the Northwest.