Artist Profile: Jessie Bi

Artist Jessie Bi: Photo courtesy of Jessie Bi
Artist Jessie Bi: Photo courtesy of Jessie Bi

There are many talented artists here at BC and not many of them are featured, or are credited for their work and commitment. One of these students is Jessie Bi, a student who has been studying art here at BC for a few quarters now, and who started her career in art as a high school student.

Jessie is a unique artist who not only finds inspiration in other artists’ work, but who looks for inspiration in the environment, by learning form other cultures and beliefs, and by following her instincts.

Jessie would like to pursue a career in arts because she wants to prove her creativity not only to herself, but to the rest of the world by using different mediums. Her favorite mediums would be painting, watercolor, and ceramics she would however like to work with newspaper and bottles, in order to expand her knowledge in art.

The following are a few questions I was able to ask Jessie:

What made you decide become an artist?
I decided to become an artist when I was in high school, my school offered art classes and I liked my classes and my experience in art so I decided to choose art for my major. I have met and seen the art of man famous artists, and seeing their work and dedication, I understand how powerful art is and its influence on people.

What inspires you?

I believe that the environment I live in, the things I see and the things I feel inspired me to do art. Also, the mood I am in inspires me to do a specific art piece. For example, when I am I do sad sceneries, but when I am happy I do happy sceneries.

What kind of art do you do?
I do painting and 2-D. I’m very interested in colors so I like using painting to record them through my sight.

What medium do you use in your art?
Paper, painting, watercolor—anything you want to work with can be a medium in art—such as newspapers, wood, clay bottles and so on. There are no strict rules to follow in art, so you can be creative with any materials.

What large project are you working on right now?
Right now, I’m taking 2-D class and my second project is illustration. I need design a pattern in 9″ x 9″ paper.

What art classes have you taken?
I have taken painting, ceramics, drawing and 2-D.

Why do you want to major in art?
I want to prove my skills in painting, using different mediums to present my art work.

What other activities do you enjoy doing? I like reading books, especially some mystery and magic because you can imagine them in your mind. I like watching shows, like “shenyun” that is very popular today. This show presents Chinese traditional culture and dancing.

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