Artist Profile: Peoples Republic of Komedy

Wednesday is one of the most boring days of the week. But the first and third Wednesdays of each month have gotten a little funnier with the Peoples Republic of Komedy’s Laff Hole at the Chop Suey Theatre.

The Peoples Republic of Komedy, or PROK, was founded by Emmett Montgomery, Kevin Hyder, Daniel Carroll and Scott Moran almost four years ago. PROK primarily performs what they call a standup variety show.

While it was started by four people, PROK has grown significantly. While PROK doesn’t have a set number of members, there are now 15 permanent constituents and about 30 affiliates. PROK has even spread to other areas of the country, like New York and Los Angeles.

When asked why PROK was founded, Montgomery explained that Hyder was starting to perform at a local venue.

“Kevin was my coffee guy,” said Montgomery and explains that Hyder asked him to join in on the joke telling.

The members of PROK all feel that they’ve found their niche in life, and plan to continue to be comedians much later in life.

“Once I found comedy, it was like a disease that’s incurable,” said Montgomery, “it’s like getting paid to be awesome.

PROK is one of the main sources for alternative comedy in Seattle.

The Laff Hole show has been a standard at Chop Suey for the last two years.

The thing that sets The Laff Hole apart from other comedy shows is the lineup.

Laff Hole is a 21 and up show that usually opens not with a comedian or sketch group, but a band.

The band that performed at the latest show was Buttafuko, a self described “Ironic Metal” band.

After the band plays, Montgomery takes the stage and introduces the acts and warms up the crowd.

The upcoming June 4th performance at The Laff Hole will be the group’s fourth year anniversary and they have a very exciting show lined up for their old and new fans.

The Laff Hole isn’t the only major show that PROK showcases. Making Strangers Laugh, a comedy and rock show, is performed every third Friday at the Mars Bar on Eastlake avenue.

Blood Squad is an all age’s show that’s another regular show of PROK. Blood Squad is a unique improv show that creates a horror movie from audience suggestions. Blood Squad is performed every Saturday at Odd Duck Studios on 10th avenue.

Another major show the PROK showcases is the Lo-Ball show. An all age’s show, Lo-Ball is a combination of sketch comedy, video and theatre elements and, of course, stand up. Lo-Ball is performed on the last Friday of the month at Live Girls! theatre in Ballard.

When asked if either Hyder or Montgomery had any advice for aspiring comedians, they both said in unison “Go to an open mic.”

Hyder also suggested seeking out other comedians.

To find out more about the Peoples Republic of Komedy and their upcoming shows, look at their website or check out their myspace at