Artist Profile: Tiny Vipers

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of venturing out to Fremont Abbey, a cute little venue in the lovely Seattle neighborhood of Fremont. It was a sit-down event for the new recording artist Tiny Vipers.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the overall atmosphere, it was very relaxed and there were loads of men sporting flannel shirts, facial hair and glasses.

It reminded me of every Sh**y Seattle show I have ever gone to… so my expectations for the artist herself were rather low.

Lucky for me, Jesy Fortino (the Seattle based artists that makes up Tiny Viper), had me in a trance. There was something about her voice mixed with her melodic and sometimes sporadic guitar tunes that made it hard for me to even keep up with my notes.

When she first walked on stage she barley said a word, the only thing she said (that was directed toward the crowd) was a simple and rather mousey

“Tiny Vipers thanks for coming” and that is it noting else in her whole hour long set, it was refreshing for a musician to truly be engulfed in the music.

Her music is very earthy and gritty if that makes any sense, in a way her sound reminded me of the band “Rouge Wave” they both have the same earthy organic sound that makes you just stop and listen. Tiny Vipers is defiantly a band to watch out for.