ASG backs Chess Club’s astronaut conversation

By Adam Magnoni

BCC’s Associated Student Government (ASG) met for their weekly Board of Directors meeting on Thursday. Ice cream, board games and playing chess in space were all topics for discussion; business as usual really for the ASG.

The account of the budget was given and then the board amended their agenda to hear from the Chess Club. Gerard Santos then spoke on behalf of the CFC Youth for Christ. The organization was seeking funds so that board games could be purchased for the group.

“We have game nights once a month; it’s a part of our fellowship,” said Santos. “It’s not related to our faith, just creates an environment for fun.”

The question of storage was brought up and Santos didn’t really have a clear idea of where the games were to be kept. It was pointed out that the games would be property of the state so needed to be stored on campus in a locker provided for the clubs. The request was then amended, per request of the board, so that other clubs would be able to use the games with permission of the CFC. Funding was approved 6-0-0.

Next, Jenny Lina was on hand to speak for The Ice Cream Club. They were looking for funding for “Random Acts of Ice Cream.” Students would be able to nominate any member of the BCC community, and enter their name into a weekly drawing for free ice cream from the cafeteria. The initial fund request was to be allocated for the cost of ice cream, printing of the coupons and advertising.

After much discussion on how much the printing would cost, what would happen to unused coupons, and how much was in the club’s advertising fund, the club was asked to resubmit their request for next week and come back with more definite numbers.

Jennie Mayer was then given the floor for the Chess Club. Recently the U.S. Chess Federation sponsored a match between an astronaut orbiting Earth and students at a local, Bellevue area grade school. The chess club then provided a chance for the students and astronaut to meet via satellite here at BCC. The event cost the Chess Club $540. They were looking to receive $100 from an outside doner, so were requesting $440 to cover the remainder of costs. This request was approved 6-0-0. The meeting was then adjourned at 4:20 p.m.