ASG BBQ: A huge turnout and epic success

Photo by Amy Leong

The predictable Seattle weather didn’t stop the three months of planning by the current ASG Judicial Board. In fact, the sun decided to push the clouds away and shine later on in the afternoon while students participated in the annual ASG BBQ election kickoff.

Crowding the E courtyard that is  located in front of the library and theater on the BC campus were hundreds of students lined up to enjoy the complimentary burgers, chips, soda, and ice cream offered to those who voted in the current ASG election for the 2012-2013 school year.

Candidates in the election took advantage of the lengthy voting line to introduce themselves, share their values, and explain why they are running. Dustin Boehlke, the candidate for VP of Finance and Communication, explained his values are honor, courage, and commitment to BC. Jonathan Paek, a candidate for Marketing and Public Relations, informed undecided students to vote for him because of his dedication to ensure all voices are heard.

Team Enthusiasm, consisting of Ish Momi, Michael Yoon, and Keturah Anderson, had costumed friends holding up posters encouraging people to vote. An ape suit, a red Teletubbie, and a green dinosaur were the animated mascots advocating for Team Enthusiasm. Inside the green dinosaur costume was Mark Orines, Team Enthusiasm’s team manager. When asked the purpose of the costumes, Orines shared that he felt the costumes would depict the team as being fun, loving, cool, and easy to be around.

Thuy Pham (Tweedy), a VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism candidate, emphasized that ASG is not about power; it’s about supporting students like friends. On the other hand, Michael Yoon, running against Pham, feels the importance of making clubs more united.

While waiting in line, BC student Angel Leung voted because, “Students have to have a say in how their money is spent.” 15 percent of tuition goes directly to the ASG. Other students had alternate reasons for voting. Basil Johnson, a student, said, “I’m at the BBQ because I’m just chilling, hanging out, and making sure my friends win.”

There are several interesting ideas mentioned in platforms, such as a Chief Justice candidate, Steve Turner. He only has one class a day, but still pays $65 for a quarter’s parking permit. If elected, he will attempt to find a solution for the students spending small amounts of time on campus by having reduced rate parking in special lots. In addition, Yoon wants to extend library hours to increase accessibility to those with later classes. The smiling Vannarith Khov, the candidate for Emerging Technology, plans to improve the current student website by making it more navigable, current, and user friendly.

Not only was this the opportunity to meet and vote for candidates, but it was also a time of club unity and education. Booths lined the pathway adjacent to the line for food and students were able to share their clubs with all those interested. There were booths for anything from BC Cheer to the Criminal Justice Club to Glee Club.

Latin American Culture Club (LACC) member, Victoria Sifuentes, persuaded students to join clubs. “You become connected with more people and get leadership opportunities and a fuller experience in college.”

Adjacent to LACC, was the Jewish Student Union, were student Sarah Flores added, “Clubs get students excited. BC students come and leave school because there’s no residential life; clubs will provide opportunities to get to know fellow students.”

Ayesha Singh, one of the workers at the event, tried to distribute ice cream sandwiches quickly to hungry students when the ice cream started melting with the warmer temperature. “This is the third ASG BBQ I’ve been to,” she shared.

The lively event brought in several student photographers, such as Brendan Hailey. While he enjoyed photographing the event, he also said, “Voting is important because the quality of people is different. People have specialties that they bring to their job.”

Near the end of the event, the long line of people died down, and food was available to the later arrivals. Voting will continue until Thursday, May 3 and can easily be complete online at