ASG BBQ Election kick off preview

Illustration by Brandy Pickering

Sizzling burgers roast on the grill while creamy ice cream sandwiches lounge in the cooler, waiting to be consumed; iPad voting stations invite crowds of students to select the future members of ASG to represent them—these are pieces of what to expect this upcoming Thursday, April 26, for the ASG BBQ Election Kick Off.

Free food? Count me in. This will be ASG’s largest annual event with a projected amount of at least 2,500 attendants.

For the past two months, the BC Judicial Board, consisting of the Chief Justice, Abshir Mahamed; Associate Justice of Internal Affairs, Jessie Wu; and Associate Justice of External Affairs, Adrian Lee, has worked hard to organize this massive event.

Already, students have announced that they will be running for student government and have participated in debates and campaigning. The ASG works as a team to address issues students may have and serve as a link between staff, educators and legislators. They also strive to maintain a positive, diverse and united learning environment.

Applications for the various positions were due on April 5, so it is too late to decide to run. However, the legislative arm of the ASG, OSLA (Office of Student Legislative Affairs) will soon be opening up positions for next year and are not campaign-based. Applications will be available soon and will be distributed by the Business Center and Student Programs. You may apply to be either the Legislative Director or the Organizing Director.

Campaign speeches for all those running were scheduled on April 9. The first candidate debate was held on April 11, and the final debate will be hosted in the cafeteria on May 3, which is also the last day to vote.

The ASG barbeque will begin at 11:00 a.m. and will end at 2:00 p.m. in the E courtyard, located in front of the library and Carlson Theater. Volunteer opportunities are offered to any interested students to ensure this event goes swiftly. The Judicial Board  will welcome volunteers up until 9:00 a.m. the day of the barbeque and encourage those interested in helping out to contact them as soon as possible.

One of the biggest differences between this year’s election kick off and last year’s is that iPads will be the devices used for students to vote for the candidates, rather than laptops.

In addition to the BBQ, there will be a massive club bash to further students’ knowledge of the numerous exciting clubs.

If you are having trouble finding the barbeque, no worries! Listen for DJ Ric Hansen from the popular radio station, Kube 93. He will be in attendance playing today’s hottest music.

This event will be the perfect opportunity to meet all the candidates, eat delicious free food, socialize with peers and learn about the diverse clubs here at BC.

On Monday, May 7, the current ASG will be part of a public certification event in N201, and on July 1, the next ASG will take office.

Voting ends on May 3, and the following day on May 4, the judicial board will announce the results of the election.