ASG convenes for weekly meeting

By Adam Magnoni

BCC’s ASG Board of Directors held their weekly meeting on October 2. The scheduled start time was 3:30, but mirroring the governmental process, took a bit longer to get things rolling. Student Body President Amanda Alva, presided over the board that had all in attendance not including, Chief Justice John Daniel Peppe, who had been formally excused from the proceedings.The board had an agenda that included hearing from Robert Wong, Special Projects Manager for the Business Leadership Club (BLC), as the organization was requesting funds to be voted upon. Vanessa Pantley, Director of Legislative Affairs, then had the floor to provide an outline of the Legislative Committee’s year to come.

After Vicki WaiKing Ma, Vice President for Finance and Communication, gave the budget report, Wong was then given the floor. He was asked to go over the efforts of the BLC. Wong went into detail about the many efforts of the BLC including Alumni Night and the International Mixer.