ASG encourages students to fill survey

The Associated Student Government at Bellevue College is working to improve student experience by utilizing student input from its most recent survey to guide its decisions. Addressing student needs is one of the ASG’s goals and as a result, members of the ASG are encouraging students to complete the survey. It is available in hardcopy at various campus locations including the library, open lab and Career Center as well as online until Oct. 31 according to Mei-Ching Wu, ASG marketing and publicity representative and community relations coordinator for the Office of Legislative Student Affairs.

BC students vote to elect ASG board members during spring quarter each year. These representatives determine areas where improvement is possible, host events to educate students about important issues on the campus and endeavor to represent students’ interests. The survey helps them understand where changes are needed.

Last year, the ASG survey gathered information on a broad range of topics. The survey included asked questions about a mobile app for BC, the proposed merger between Bellevue College and Washington State University and whether students would support such a partnership. In addition, the survey also had a few personal questions which ask whether a student was part of the foster care system.

This year, the ASG survey addresses affordability of Bellevue College in terms of tuition and attendance costs such as transportation and books. Additional questions related to student opinion on disability and equity access and sexual assault resources on campus were also asked. According to Wu, the answers to these questions help the ASG focus their time on issues important to the students of Bellevue College and educate students on the current issues on their campus. Survey results should be available in mid-November, according to Wu.

Every year, the survey ties in to the ASG’s goals for the current academic year. This year, stated goals include spreading awareness of food insecurity by providing a vending machine to dispense reusable items such as water bottles and stocking the campus food pantry. Jackson Alford, a Bellevue College student, believes that “ASG seems to try and improve campus life. I think their goals will improve life at BC.”

ASG operates under OLSA, which works to keep students aware and civilly involved while also keeping legislators aware of student needs. Currently, OLSA is working on raising the number of students that are registered to vote in the November elections. ASG contributes to this goal by having volunteers encourage students to register to vote in the cafeteria and main entrance of the school.

To be more involved, students are encouraged to provide input through the survey. Additionally, students are welcome to join the ASG every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. in room C211.