ASG hosts their February food drive

On Feb. 1 and 2, Bellevue College’s Associated Student Government – better known as the ASG – will be hosting one of its various food drives. Students and staff alike are encouraged to come drop off any snack foods that they can spare so that they will be able to stock BC’s pantry on the second floor of the C building. The pantry is full of everything from snack food to non-perishables to any feminine products and its intent is to provide staff, faculty, and students with any supplies they could possibly need to be successful at BC.

“Many students have requested grab and go snacks since they are busy with homework and getting to class on time. Snack foods at the pantry provide nutritional supplementation in an easy way for students, staff, and faculty in need,” said Joedy Morrow, the environmental and social responsibility representative for the ASG. “This food drive has been publicized in the BC FYI, social media, posters around campus, as well as to community organizations so we expect to be supplied with enough snack food items to keep the pantry stocked for months to come.”

“This food drive aims to provide for BC students, staff, and faculty who struggle with food insecurity as well as to advertise the pantry overall. Many people may not know about the pantry in regards to their own needs or to participate in donating. The advertising has already brought in more participates such as the daycare located in Q building,” continued Morrow. “Food drives like this raise awareness within the BC community about food insecurity. This food drive specifically raises awareness about the need for food that is not generally donated. Many times, donations include corn, beans, and sometimes overly expired/spoiled canned items. But this drive highlights the need for the variety of foods needed such as applesauce, nuts, granola bars, and other items that create a variety of nutritional ingredients that can be found at the pantry.”

Along with the ASG being involved, Peer to Peer are in charge of the pantry and so they will be helping out with the food drive as well. The ASG has also reached out to other clubs in Student Programs asking for their participation in the drive and for assistance letting other people know that it was happening.

Anyone interested in donating food for the drive can go to Student Programs on the second floor of the C building, directly above the cafe in room C212.