ASG puts four-point plan to action

ASGfinalFall quarter is here, and with most new beginnings to a new school year comes change and new ideas. Bellevue College is experiencing all kinds of new installments around campus inside and out including an internal change created by the new members of Associated Student Government this year called the four-point plan.

The four-point plan is an idea, four essential goals rather, that ASG wants to achieve this year. Members of the ASG are not promising to lower yearly tuition, put in a football team stadium or get a Five Guys on campus, but they are attempting to create real beneficial change that is applicable for most students.

Brandon Lueken, event director for Student Programs at BC said, “The ASG four-point plan grew out of a strategic planning retreat for the Office of Student Programs which included both student staff and full-time staff.

Lueken continued, “It was held on August 29 and there was a process of brainstorming ideas, funneling these ideas into a coherent format, working with different constituencies [Office of Student Legislative Affairs, the Black Student Union, the LGBTQ Resource Center, El Centro Latino, etc.] on partnerships, a system of voting, which ultimately resulted in a final top four points that the ASG was interested in moving forward on. The members of ASG will be working all year, beginning with the student survey to get feedback, while also developing partnerships on all of these points with students, faculty and staff. They’ve been working hard over the summer to build partnerships with one another, vice presidents, administrators, and other important people to learn more about the issues they want to tackle. We’re starting already to see some movement on the food issue based on the work Alex [Clark] has conducted.”

The new ASG President Zawdie Terry is one of the masterminds behind these goals for BC. Terry stated, “The initial four-point plan was born from a large brainstorming session the student government and I had over the summer vacation. The goal was to set a plan detailed with goals and tasks that we will work to accomplish this year.”

Terry continued, “We held a small poll of the students on campus. Out of all the ideas we came up with, the polls showed six of which the majority of Bellevue students wanted to see happen. From these six we plan to find four solid ideas to focus on. We are very excited about the OSLA’s work with the current student survey because it will give us the data we need to finalize the four-point plan and make it official.

Once it’s official, it will be made public to the Board of Trustees and of course to the students of Bellevue College. We are excited to pinpoint our efforts as servants of the people to make Bellevue College a fun, equitable and rewarding place to work and study.”