ASG representative position open for hire

The Associated Student Government of BC has been without an Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative since summer quarter and have opened up the position for hire. Applications can be found in student programs, C212 and are scheduled to close on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014.

The position was reserved for Chanmi Choi who was elected in spring of 2013. Choi took leave for family matters over the summer under the pretense that she would return by winter quarter. Her leave was recently confirmed to exceed fall quarter as was originally expected. ASG President Zawdie Terry admits that “in hind sight we may have waited too long” to hire for the position.

The position holds a vital role in ASG as they are “responsible for ensuring that technological resources are updated and available for BC student’s success and for assisting students who wish to pursue entrepreneurial enterprises while on campus.” As indicated by Brandon Lueken, program coordinator and advisor to ASG, the entrepreneurial element has morphed from its original function. The business center and ASG once provided support to students seeking to start up their own businesses. Following the close of those services, the entrepreneurial element has been reinterpreted to be a fundraising and innovation oriented task.

The Representative is expected to work with the BC Foundation, Computing Services Director, Dean of Information Resources, and ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative. Additionally, the position oversees the student tech fee committee.

In the absence of Choi the committee has been unable to convene as it explicitly states the Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative as chair. All students pay a student technology fee that funds various maintenance and proposals on campus for both faculty and students. According to Komalpreet Sahota, ASG chief justice, this means that little to no money has been allocated from that fund which is a disservice to students and the advancement of our campus.

Within ASG this has translated to their being understaffed. This affects their ability to have quorum at meetings, give tours, and be available to students in their office located in C212. The ASG website would normally fall under the purvue of the representative but has been shouldered by Miranda Tamnkang, ASG marketing and public relations representative, and Natasha Wijoya, associate justice of external affairs. Additionally, ASG has been forced to table projects such as the development of a phone application to enhance communication with students.

Given how far ASG is into their term and the remaining time before elections, ASG is looking for someone who can “hit the ground running”. While ASG will welcome the selected applicant with open arms, they are looking to find someone who is relatively up to date with the happenings of ASG and on campus. They are hoping for someone who is technologically and entrepreneurially savvy who can bring an open mind and creativity to the table.

Beyond their desired qualifications, ASG members are required to meet a set of minimum qualifications. Applicants must have a “2.7 cumulative BC college-level G[rade] P[oint] A[verage] or 2.7 quarterly BC college-level GPA for the two previous consecutive quarters. The GPA will default to whichever is highest.” Students must also have completed “12 college-level credits” at Bellevue College. “If hired, [the] representative must relinquish their position as an officer in any BC club or program.”