ASG sponsors BC club bash

For those of you who don’t know, the Associated Student Government is sponsoring a club bash on Oct. 22 in the Bellevue College cafeteria from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

You really don’t want to miss out other clubs such as the Cheer Squad and the Flash Mob Club. You may have seen them after a lengthy study, getting on point with their amazing dance routines.

It’s a great time to meet the various clubs on campus and join some of your favorite activities or groups that suit your special interests best.

BC has many clubs to offer. For those who weren’t aware of the clubs that are available in BC, clubs like the Archery Club located in C-212C can expand your knowledge and skills about the world of archery. Whether a newcomer or experienced, join up to meet with those that share your interests. The Interior Design Association is located in L-114, which gives students the opportunity to interact with the world of professional design communities and expand their experience in real world design.

BC has over 30 clubs that will be at this event.  Kristianto, President of International Student Association stated: “The Club Bash is a club fair in which clubs will receive a table in the cafeteria to create a display and show themselves to the students. It is a great opportunity for clubs to reach out to the students about activities that the clubs do, as well as the chance to recruit new members.

ISA will be on the club bash as well. We want to let people know about our club and what we do. We want to invite not only international students but also local Americans to join our activities. We’re possibly going to set out our booth to promote our event that coming up next which is the Halloween Dance.”

Get to know other cultures with clubs like All Daughters of Africa and Chinese Student Association.  They are sure to be there at the Club Bash event Monday Oct. 22. Refreshments are sure to be there with lots of rich experience and clubs you will want to get your hands on. So be sure to not miss out on all the action!