#askhermore movement pushes interviewers to be more creative


For the American public, watching an awards show of any sort is a pastime. For days after the event, what celebrities wore what and who made the dress is the topic of many conversations and online buzz. This year, though, I’m glad to see that a new trend called #askhermore is making its appearance.

It’s common to see interviewers on the red carpet ask male actors, “How hard was it to get into your role?” or “What was the hardest part of playing this character?” and other similar, full-bodied questions. For famous women, however, the story is much different.

When famous women such as Taylor Swift or Jennifer Lawrence take their turn with the interviewers, questions sound a lot more like, “So, who are you wearing tonight?”

The purpose of #askhermore is to push the interviewers at this year’s Oscars, and future awards shows to simply ask famous women questions that hold more meaning than “Who are you wearing tonight?”

Actually asking questions that are going to receive answers beyond the name of a famous designer is what people want to hear. Realistically, people who are at home watching the Oscar’s aren’t going to be able to afford the multi-thousand dollar dress that Mila Kunis is wearing, so why not ask her something that viewers actually want to know the answer to?

Women in the public eye such as Mila Kunis, Amy Poehler, Emma Watson and Rihanna (just to name a few) have been known for giving snide remarks as answers to interviewer’s shallow, sexist questions. Everybody should be supporting #askhermore. For interviewers to assume that the only thing that matters to famous, powerful women is the dress that they’re wearing is both sexist and ignorant at best.

While society still has a lot of work to do involving equality for women, this movement proves that Americans are starting to realize just how stupid it is to assume that the only question worth asking female celebrities involves their dress or makeup.

If what famous people are wearing is so important, why aren’t men asked the same question? If female celebrities have to show off their jewelry to a hand camera, the men should have to say who designed their suit.

Here’s to hoping that the interviewers at this year’s Oscars wake up and #askhermore.