Our student government

Student ProgramsThe Associated Student Government is a student legislation that represents leadership through diversity, pluralism and innovation. We are located in C212 on the second floor of the C building. The goal of the 2013-2014 ASG is to promote student involvement through sustainable clubs and programs and influence positive change at Bellevue College.

In this government there are 10 positions that must be elected by the student body. The Marketing and Public Relations Representative is the face of the student government and is in charge of managing publicity for clubs and organizations on campus.

This office is also a great resource for networking and marketing advertisements for clubs. Some of our biggest events have been sponsored and funded by Student Programs. For example, our upcoming fall Open House is one of the biggest events at BC that allows students to become aware of the activities on campus. Our lovely Campus Life and Events plans and organizes most of the activities for the ASG, BC sports and clubs on the BC campus. The Marketing and Campus life positions effectively collaborate to create the life of BC’s events.

To mprove the quality of BC’s campus life, we have our Environmental and Social Responsibility Representative that works to sustain our ecosystem as well as our students. This position is constantly working to make sure students are provided with the knowledge they need to reduce waste and save energy at Bellevue College. They are strongly involved with some of our food choices for students concerning nutrition. Our Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Representative is currently in the process of making internet more accessible to students on campus by utilizing technical engineering and problem solving.

In Student Programs and at Bellevue College we strongly encourage and support pluralism. Our VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism does an outstanding job at reaching out to minority groups and clubs in Student Programs. Their mission is to help students of diverse backgrounds become successful at Bellevue College.

The VP of Finance and Communications is the Student Government Accountant. This person manages all financial matters concerning ASG and is the decision maker for all funding requests.

Our Chief Justice, Associate Justice of External Affairs, Associate Justice of Internal Affairs and the President make up the judicial board of ASG who effectively work to reduce the academic and financial expenses and provide students with the help they need to enjoy the college experience.

By enriching student life through leadership opportunities, personal learning and cultural experiences the Associated Student Government is committed to building a pluralistic and diverse campus community that fosters creativity, innovation and student success. We empower students to contribute to our community as better world citizens.