Attendance is not a slam dunk

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It is widely known that college is quite different from high school. More freedom, more people, more options and overall just more fun. One thing that usually stays consistent throughout though, is how excited students get for the big game. Or is it? The men’s Bellevue College basketball team managed to pull through from a three-game losing streak and came out with two wins against the Skagit Valley Cardinals and then the Peninsula College Pirates. Not only are the men positively representing our athletics department, but the women are doing quite nicely as well. The women’s Bellevue College Basketball team just recently handled their first loss of the season, meaning that they had been undefeated up until then. The team taking their reign was the Skagit Valley Cardinals who only had a one point lead on them in the end. With statistics like these.

“We have basketball games?” Hana Waldenburg, a BC freshman  asks when approached about whether or not she has attended either a girl’s or boys’ basketball game, and then continued with, “I have two jobs anyways, I wouldn’t have the time. I’m just too busy.”

Similar to Waldenburg, BC sophomore Ian Snyder claimed, “I live in Seattle. Transporting back and forth for games would be too much. Plus I have a full-time job.”

So what exactly would it take to get our students out to more games to create a crowd? This question exactly was posed to Chloe Kraft, BC freshman. “I think more advertisement would help. I didn’t even know we had games or events for sports,” she admitted.

Armann Brar, former BC basketball team member and BC freshman, opens up on just how much an audience can help at games. “When there’s a large home crowd, I think it helps us play better and it motivates us. Knowing that we have a lot of supporters is an important thing,” he stated.

BC men’s and women’s basketball teams have plenty to show for this season and will no doubt achieve more victories this season. If a student finds himself free on a night that there is a home game, stop by the game and support the Bulldogs! For the men’s and women’s the upcoming home games are Feb. 6 against Shoreline, Feb. 9 against Everett, and Feb. 17 against Whatcom.