Austin O’keefe takes BC to vitorty this season

The 2014 season has been on track, as men’s basketball team has been clicking on all cylinders, both offensively and defensively. After finishing off the Olympics’ team on January 1st at home with a convincing victory score of 86-70, they face a tough schedule ahead, having going face to face against Shoreline on January 5th, followed by a game in Everett on January 8th. With a total of  five sophomores in the team, they have enough experience and leadership needed to win the championship.

In addition to that, having almost the same group they had last year has given the team enough time to bond and understand the style of game each and every one of them plays. The Bulldogs Men’s basketball team has all the requirements and necessities to be the best this season.

Playing the role as sophomores is a big responsibility, they are expected to lead the team and be role models to the younger guys. “We got three captains, it’s me, Reggie Clinton, and AJ Holloway,” said Austin O’keefe who  may just be the heart and soul of this basketball team. In the victory over Olympic, O’keefe contribute  only 10 points, but it is the things that  that were not recorder on the statistics sheet that makes O’keefe a good captain, things like deflections, hustle plays, and leadership. He does not get points for giving advices or cheering the team, but it all accumulated to 21 turnovers from Olympic and a win.

O’keefe is not just a captain on the court, but also a captain off the court. Coming to practice on time and doing the little things, this shows humility and is a good example to take and follow by the younger players.

As a leader of the team, one thing O’keefe stresses is their chemistry, and he calls it “brotherhood.” “It’s all just everybody working towards a common goal. As long as we stick together, we can accomplish whatever we want,” said O’keefe. “The team is like a machine, if one screw goes missing, everything will malfunction. By not having a lot of big guys who can play the center position, the team will rely on the weak side help or the double team for defense, and the offense will be to spread the floor and make the big guy come out from painted area and out of his comfort zone.”

All the plays set up by Coach Jeremy Eggers will require the team to play as one.

The season is not over yet, as the team battle through many challenges to come, but O’keefe has faith in his team, and that they can go all the way. “We’re putting ourselves in position where we want to be, and we can win the championship.

We just got to take care of our business, we have to beat the teams that are ahead of us in the standings, because now we are within a game. As long we do our part, we can win it all,” stated O’keefe.