Spring Chorale Arts Concert

June 5, 2012 0

Childhood memories are always dear to one’s heart. The toys, the food and the music—they need not be too intricate; even the simplest of things can stir up the most […]

Photography Club: Spring has arrived

May 29, 2012 0

Spring, photography, fashion, free food and raffle. What’s not to love about these? On June 5-7, BC’s Photography Club is going to collaborate with Fashion Club to present “Spring. People. […]

The presidential search continues

May 29, 2012 0

Following up on the last open forum regarding the elongated process of the presidential search, a second open forum was held on Wednesday, May 23 in N201 to acknowledge the […]

Transfering is annoying

May 15, 2012 0

“Did you hear anything from anywhere yet?”—This is the most asked and answered question I have come across since mid-March. Sure, a lot of you out there are getting this […]

Cavemen: Neglected and branded

May 15, 2012 0

What comes up to your mind when you think of cavemen? Half-naked, muscular and leopard-skin-wearing? Perhaps the Flintstones? We may have a clear image of cavemen in our heads but […]

BC Art Gallery: Presence/Absence collection

May 8, 2012 0

Seattle Artist Peter Millett paid a trip to the Bellevue College Gallery Space on May 2 for the opening reception of his latest collection of abstract steel sculptures—Presence/Absence. The reception […]

Kore Ionz celebrates heritage month at BC

May 1, 2012 0

Local (and awesome) musicians have definitely been frequenting the Bellevue College campus lately. Following our Earth Week guests Kris Orlowski and the Passenger String Quartet, Seattle reggae rockers Kore Ionz […]

Belletrist: Publication through BC

April 24, 2012 0

“How do I get published?”—This is definitely one of the most asked questions by aspiring writers and artists. Despite the increasing prevalence of blogs and desktop publishing, seeing their own […]

Earth Week: films bringing perspective

April 17, 2012 0

Since the spring of 2000, BC students have celebrated Earth Week with lectures and of course, a series of films related to environmental issues and sustainability. Focusing on food and […]

The Shadow Box at BC

April 10, 2012 0

“It is an eye opener to how people feel when loved ones die,” said Tyler Sims, Director of The Shadow Box. Have you ever been being told of an impending […]

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