Back to School Trends


School is officially back-in-session, and the summer haze laze is slowly fading into the distance. No longer can you get away with sporting the flannel “jammies” you lived in this summer during the day, until the hangover subsided and you fully recover from that all night video game party.

Now is the time to look somewhat presentable for your esteemed, sometimes sexy, college professors and peers. Those monkey slippers are adorable honey, and they look comfy, but I’m afraid they need to stay in your closet; you deserve so much better anyway.

True, your college days do give you the freedom to wear whatever you want, including pajamas and your every-day slouch-ware; until the days you enter the business world and start working an uptight 9 to 5, but you don’t need to dress like a slob! There are plenty of trends for all your back-to-school needs.

Right now seems to be the age of leggings and “jeggings” for that matter. That’s right, what people made fun of those of you trying to pull it off in middle school, is now what every “trendy and unique” girl is rocking on campus, and why not? Leggings are virtually wearable, stylish pajamas that look good with long shirts, dresses, skirts, and just as pants in general. They are completely comfortable so you can still be cutting edge and stylish, while not straying too far from your lazy tendencies. They look great with boots, sandals, sneakers and basically anything. Leggings are a blank canvas that turn any outfit into a masterpiece; okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I’m saying.

Then there’s the ever-amazing “jeggings,” such a creative name for jean style leggings. Literally a pair of leggings that have fake seams, zippers, and pockets creating the illusion of jeans. Some can be pretty garish, but others are subtle and look a lot like really tight skinny jeans which, when styled the right way, can be pretty cute.

From leggings and “jeggings” come the newest trend: textured tights. Originally people were wearing fishnets with dresses and skirts, but every time a girl would wear them instant thoughts and references to the girls and guys (to the trained eye) working the streets and sliding down that pole were popping into people’s minds. You couldn’t help but judge.

Fishnets only became appropriate on Halloween or other costume parties and quickly became a fashion don’t. But alas thanks to all the Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and even Target designers, we now have textured tights which are a classierand way more stylish version of fishnets. It’s not just holey tights or stockings, but actual designs and patterns make up these tights that look good with shorts, skirts and dresses, especially when paired with boots or flats.

Stripes, zig-zags, and other patterns are now seen on every stylish pair of legs walking around campus oozing with confidence.

Alright I think I spent enough time talking about obviously my latest fashion obsession: everything leggings and tights, lets move on, shall we?

Mini-skirts, big, chunky cardigans and sweaters, and of course boots, boots, boots are more of the latest back-to-school trends seen all around BC.

From ankle boots, to thigh highs suede, to leather; boots are the latest and greatest back-to-school trend that have all the BC’s student’s feet singing for joy of comfort, confidence, and style. The trend started with the slouchy black suede Steve Madden Boots and just kept evolving from there. We’re seeing buckles, fringe, studs, and chains walking all over the campus and life is good.

A nice pair of “jeggings,” a chunky cardigan, and boots; what more does a girl need?