Baseball team ready for challenges ahead

BaseballThumbFinishing the past season with a 37-14 record and ranking 8th nationally, the Bulldogs baseball team are looking to do the same, starting where they had left off. With seven starters returning from last season, it will be as if nothing changed. Chemistry will definitely be an advantage in the Bulldog’s men’s baseball team as each players have personally known each other for a pretty long time. The Bulldogs will enter the pre-season as the only Northwest Association of Community Colleges team to be nationally ranked.

Statistically proven, the sophomores are the unspoken leaders of the team. All fifteen are carrying the team on their backs. “All of our sophomores are leaders.That sounds very typical, but for our club, considering statistically the sophomores have numbers to back that up, we actually literally will rely on all of the sophomores,” explained Mark Yoshino, head coach of the men’s baseball team. One of the main problems in teams in Bellevue College are injuries. If the players stay healthy, the team would be at their optimum shape. Last year, the team suffered brutally on injuries as they lost some of they key players. Their other main priority is to remain confident. “Maintaining that confidence – even after a loss. Also individually, they must keep confident even after a rough game,” said Mark Yoshino.

Yoshino is looking to change things up this season. With the new roster coming in, Yoshino will need to adapt to different scenarios. “Defensively, we have shifted a couple of players around to new positions. Our new pitchers are also making great strides, but need to continue as the season approaches,” stated Yoshino. However, new players will help them go above expectations. “Our experience is our biggest strongpoint.”