Batman: Arkam City

Time is running out. The city is in chaos and I’m the only one who can save it. I’m looking down at Joker’s thugs. They’re heavily armed and I don’t want to draw attention. Throwing my ‘Batarang’ distracts two of them. I leap from the ledge, drop kicking one of them in the face. The fight is on. I’ve never felt so bad-ass sitting on my couch.
The sequel to “Batman: Arkham Asylum” has finally been released and my social life has disappeared. Everything about this game is addictive and bound to keep you away from all other social activities.
I would say what makes this game so awesome – besides being about Batman – is the story. In short, Gotham has converted a small section of the city into a prison. Our hero Bruce Wayne (Batman) is running for office. Then one night he’s captured and thrown into Arkham City.
After that the story is pretty simple.
You play Batman and try to figure out who has wronged you by beating the heck out of anyone who steps in your way. Of course there are other interesting points, but I don’t want to reveal too much.
This game is similar to Assassin’s Creed or Infamous. It’s an open world sand box and there are a lot of bad guys.
Gameplay is also another aspect I really enjoy. Straight up fights can happen if you want them to, but they can be risky.
Fights can be confusing, with some targets having higher priority; aiming for the guys with guns over the ones with baseball bats.
Besides the fighting I love how in-depth all the characters are. From allies such as Alfred or Robin to villains like the Joker, dialogue has never been more in-depth for a videogame.
It’s rare that anyone, at least big characters, says anything repetitive or dull.
Some dialogue can be over-the-top hilarious. During a fight with Catwoman I couldn’t stop laughing.
“Meow, I’m so hungry,” says Catwoman. “Why don’t you eat floor!” replies Batman, following with a quick body slam.
Another aspect I enjoy is the missions. Besides just the regular thug beat down there are dozens of side quests that you can follow, all of them incorporating big name villains that we all love.
Besides the villains, players are encouraged to unlock all of the game content. Unlocking all of the content gives players new skins (costumes) or even playable characters to enjoy. Try playing a few missions as Catwoman. Meow.
My only complaint for this game is that the developers, Rocksteady Studios, want to make another game to follow this one. To me it sounds awesome, but I’m afraid they won’t be able to make it any better.
Making a sequel to this game has more unseen challenges than what’s recognized.
For example, Mark Hamill is the voice of the Joker and he’s not really up to making another Batman game. It was stated he’d only did this project because previous voice actors convinced him it was worth his time.
Besides all the gossip, I’ve never had more fun playing an action game. I don’t really enjoy action role-playing games, but Batman has completely changed my opinion.
So if you have no need for a social life and love Batman, I would recommend this for you.