BC’S First

By Morgan Hodder.
On a cold Monday morning in the cafeteria, Stephano Balcer, comedian, stepped on stage, and began his act. “Only seven of you are with me?” Balcer said, after asking the audience who was giving him attention through a round of applause. Most comedians will never do a show at a community college, especially a no-name act. It’s so hard to satisfy such a diverse crowd, and not just ethnically diverse, but from different backgrounds in education. “I never felt like I got the audience on the same page with me.” Balcer said the show went the best it could have given these circumstances. This was the hardest show a comic could do, performing to college students on a morning in a crowded cafeteria, and challenging since he couldn’t use most of his jokes. He promised Nora Lance, advisor for the Campus Activities Board (CAB), a