BC’s Gallery Space hosts art by T Kiyoshi Hough and “Seven”

Colleen Leahy and her printmaking art
Colleen Leahy and her printmaking art

From January 5 through January 25, the Gallery Space found in D271 will be hosting art by T Kiyoshi Hough, and a group of painters known as “Seven.” The exhibits will be open to students and the public and are free of charge.

The exhibit does not contain any art from BC students, however, the purpose of this exhibit is to allow all art students to get a chance of glancing over professional work, learn new techniques and apply them to their own work. 

“We have up to six exhibits a year and we divide them into two groups. One group consists of three exhibits in which student art is presented to the rest of the campus and the community. The second group contains of three exhibits in which actual professionals come to campus and share their work with us.” Said Gallery Director, Ross Brown.

T Kiyoshi Hough is a teacher at Edmonds Community College, and he dedicates his time to teaching Painting, Drawing and Design. His art represents traditional Japanese art, including landscapes, tatami, tansu, and samurai banners. Hough studied at the Kansas City Art Institute, and received his MFA from Montana State University in Bozeman.

 “Seven” is made up of seven Seattle painters, Carmi Weingrod, Colleen Leahy, Dri Ralph, Jill Pollock, Kelda Martensen, Pam Galvani, and Sandy Eshleman. Their work consists of printmaking, non-toxic and non-traditional printmaking, 2-dimensional arts, calligrapher, and clay prints.

“We meet a couple times a month, we share our art and critique it, but mostly we learn from each other.” Said Leahy.

Leahy has a studio practice on Bainbridge Island, where she practices non-toxic and non-traditional methods of printmaking. She has been making prints for the last seven years, and she took art classes at both WSU and UW.

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