BC Bike Club looks for New President

(Source: blog.cascade.org)

Living in Seattle, most of us at some point have had to share the road with bicyclists. Whether or not that encounter was a positive one, those who use cars as their means of transportation can appreciate the wide range of benefits riding a bicycle can present.
Students at Bellevue College have recognized these benefits and have created the BC Bike Club.
Christian Stage, an avid biker, created the club, which met weekly on alternating Saturdays and Sundays last September.
Stage rediscovered his passion for biking a little over a year ago when car repairs and gas prices became too much of a nuisance for him. Now, even as driving has once again become a feasible option, Stage prefers to bike and encourages others to do so as well. “Biking just has so many benefits. It’s healthy, fun, and good for the environment. It also gives you an opportunity to literally stop and smell the roses if you want. You have the choice to do a lot more than if you were driving.”
While biking season is mainly in the spring and summertime, Stage has been taking small groups on bike trips throughout the winter. The group meets on SE 16th and 156th Avenue in front of the red barn to set out for their rides.
Stage spent this past summer biking and hiking to all 20 wooded parks in Bellevue. “You’d be surprised how many wooded parks there are right here in Bellevue that are great for biking,” he says excitedly.
On the weekend rides, Stage leads the group to the parks he became so familiar with in the summer. In the past couple weeks the group has biked to Lewis Creek Park and the Lakemont Highlands, which Stage and other group members say has a breathtaking view of Seattle and Bellevue.
The BC Bike Club also holds a two-hour bicycle repair workshop on the first Friday of every month. People come and bring their broken bikes and group members work together to fix them. For the past few months Stage has been working on a bike in rough shape. “A girl brought in her bike a few months back that was in pretty bad shape. I’ve been helping her and walking her through the steps to repair it, and it should be back on the road next week.”
Stage, who says he can fix nearly everything on a bike, explains that he doesn’t fix the bikes for people but rather teaches what needs to be done. “If you’re going to ride a bike I think it’s really important to know how to fix it just in case that situation should arise. I don’t want you to have to go to a bike shop and spend however much money it costs to get it fixed.”
While Stage has put a lot of hard work into the Bike Club, he feels it’s time for him to move on and let someone else take over as president. “I love the club and would like to remain a part of it, but I want to start another club and I feel like I won’t have time to run both.”
Stage comments that being the president of a school club is a unique opportunity for leadership and looks great on a resume. He encourages anyone interested to contact him.
Follow the BC Bike Club’s Facebook page for club announcements or questions. The Bike Club meets next on Saturday March 10 at 11 a.m.