BC Bulldog Profile: Anissa Bryant-Swift

Anissa Bryant-Swift (SOURCE: blogs.bellevuereporter.com)
Anissa Bryant-Swift (SOURCE: blogs.bellevuereporter.com)

Please state your name, age, high school attended.
Anissa Bryant-Swift, 18,
Sammamish High School

What initially sparked your interest in tennis?
My grandma put me in swimming, tennis, ballet, gymnastics, and tap dancing, but
tennis is the only one that stuck with me.
How long have you been playing this sport? And where at?
I have been playing tennis since I was 5 so about 13 years. I started at the
Edgebrook Club and I still play there ever so often, but I mainly play at
Robinswood Tennis Center.
What’s the primary reason you are playing for the Bulldogs tennis team?
Basically the Bulldogs Tennis team is freakin awesome! They are a great team and
have only lost once since 2003, so when I found out I was going to go to
Bellevue College, there was no way I wasn’t going to try and play for the team.
What’s the most important memory you have relating to playing tennis?
My important memory would really have to be winning state for doubles with my
partner Malia Lum (shout out!) in high school twice, because those really are my
greatest accomplishments so far and the best experience I’ve ever had.
Outside of tennis, what are your other interests or hobbies?
My other interests are interior design and stain glass, which I did a lot of in
high school.
What would you like to do with your future in education? Are you planning on getting a specific degree? (Basic overview).
I would really like to major in communications, not sure where I exactly want to
go with it, probably something along the lines of broadcasting or P.R.
What’s the single most unique thing about you?
I’ve been told that I play like a beast when I’m on the court… That’s scary if
that’s true!

How are you feeling about the future NWAACC playoff games and what is your attitude going into each competitive match-up?
I am sooo pumped for the NWAACC playoffs! I really can’t wait to see the
competition and just go in there with a positive attitude. I strongly believe
that as long as my game is solid, it doesn’t matter how my competition plays.
Whose your favorite tennis athlete? and for what reasons?
I would say my favorite player is Serena Williams, because she has beautiful
technique and is a beast and kicks serious ass! (am I allowed to say that?