BC clubs: Badminton Club

What sport is played with a racket, a couple buddies, a net and a flying object? There are many answers to this question, but the one that is rising popularity is badminton. The sport is a fastpaced game between friends that includes hitting a small flying object to the other side of a net to score points. While this may seem to be the same as tennis or pickle ball, badminton is a completely different sport.

While badminton is not a school sport where students can get a scholarship to play, it is a fun sport where people can gather to mingle and learn a new sport.

So now people are thinking, where can someone go to play this magnificent sport? The good news is that Bellevue College has its very own badminton club so students can play with friends and rivals. “We are still looking for some place where we can play badminton, but basically we use BC’s open gym every Friday,” said student Kazuki Otsuka.

The club is still growing, but everyone is able to join. When asked about whether you needed to be even familiar with the game of badminton, Otsuka said, “Definitely not. Therefore, everyone can join this club.” For a tremendous player, coming to the club is a great way to meet new opponents and keep their skills sharp.

True beginners, will learn how to play the game effectively and be able to hone their skills to become a true master. Students are welcomed to join to grow the awareness of this great sport. If people are interested in joining, contact Kazuki Otsuka, or look up the club’s facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/265113953530721/?fref=ts for more details.