BC creates virtual tour of campus

Students walking to and from class.
Students walking to and from class. Alyssa Brown / The Watchdog

From Tuesday May 9 to Wednesday May 10, photographers took pictures of the various large public areas of the Bellevue College campus to put in an online campus virtual tour. Signs were placed around campus at those locations, notifying students that the virtual tour photographers will be taking photos there.

“We launched this project because we have such an amazing campus and we wanted to give people a full, 3D experience,” said Associate Director of Communications Nicole Beattie. “Plus, it will be great for prospective students who can’t come to campus for an actual tour – a virtual tour is the next best thing.”

The virtual tour will act as a walking tour where people can virtually walk around campus through panorama shots and still photos. There will be a voiceover as well.

The photographers captured different aspects of the campus, “from the health science buildings, to the computer labs, the planetarium, the athletic fields. It will be really comprehensive,” said Beattie. “We’ve had gallery slideshows before, but this will be an exciting, and new, way to explore the campus online.” As of now, the Bellevue College website has a virtual tour in the form of a promo video to welcome new students.

“It was a big undertaking, and a lot of different departments came together to make it work – our Campus Operations crew in particular did an amazing job getting all the buildings and grounds looking their best,” said Robyn Bell-Bangerter, senior graphic designer. The virtual tour is planned to be launched sometime in June.