BC Foundation Luncheon

The Bellevue College Foundation is hosting the Become Exceptional Luncheon at Meydenbauer Center this Wednesday. Influential people in the community and the region are invited to learn more about the programs and invest in Bellevue College and its students. “This is our largest annual fundraiser,” says Susan Kingsbury-Comeau, foundation business manager. “We use the funds raised to support student success and scholarships, academic innovation and helping BC to strengthen and build our community.”
Donations given to the Foundation benefit the students directly. “The Bellevue College Foundation offers need- based and merit-based scholarships,” explains Susan. “Scholarships are awarded to BC students for use at Bellevue College and can be applied to tuition and fees and, in some cases, books.” Money raised at the luncheon will go towards funding at the start of fall quarter of the next academic year.
The luncheon this April 24 will be slightly different than previous ones. “We are focusing on the college itself, rather thanakeynotespeakerthis year,” says attorney Joshua Schaer. “However, some ‘notable names’ will be addressing the audience, including Rep. Habib and Chef John Howie. Our always-entertaining emcee will be John Curley. And, of course, there will be inspirational stories from a number of students.” Many members and supporters of the BC Foundation are alumni of Bellevue College and continue to support the foundation after graduating.
Student involvement at the luncheon is a good way for donors to meet potential professionals they are investing in. “ASG was instrumental in encouraging and arranging groups to participate in the BC Showcase highlighting various entities on campus. The BC Showcase takes place during the registration time at the luncheon,” says Susan.“Bellevue College pumps $172 million annually into the regional economy, and we want to share our story and encourage our community to continue to invest in … Bellevue College and our incredible students.”
Through events like the luncheon, students are able to gain recognition for their hard work and academic success. “In the last decade, Bellevue College Foundation has awarded over $1 million in scholarships to BC students,” adds Susan, “In support [of] academic innovation at Bellevue College, the BC Foundation administers the Lockwood Faculty Excellence Awards conferred to support entrepreneurial and innovative endeavors. The BC Foundation also administers the Margin of Excellence awards to recognize exceptional faculty and staff and encourage an atmosphere of excellence benefitting all students.”
The Bellevue College Foundation will have over 40 scholarships available for next fall. For more information on scholarships or donating to the Bellevue College Foundation, visit bellevuecollege. edu/foundation