BC Foundation scholarship deadline nears

The BC Foundation is now accepting applications for scholarships. The deadline is April 22, 2014, with no extensions. Students can revise, edit and add more to their application and essays all the way until the deadline.
The BC Foundation has been helping students with college fees for a number of years. Students are encouraged to apply at the BC Foundation website under “Scholarships.”
The BC Foundation is a method for students to get money for Bellevue College fees through the means of scholarships.
The BC Foundation has been awarding scholarships for over 30 years and has given many students money to achieve their academic goals. Last year, the foundation gave away 65 scholarships to 60 students worth around $140,000.
One of the main people who is involved with BC Foundation scholarships is
Susan Kingsbury-Comeau, who has been working with the foundation for a number of years. She has worked extensively on the guidebook for applicants to get scholarships. “You can go to the guidebook and there are one, maybe two, pages of tips just on how to make a successful application.” Scholarships
aren’t just limited to one per person. “With one application you could conceivably apply for 35 or 40 different scholarships, and each scholarship has its own set of criteria, but with one application and one set of essays, you could apply for multiple scholarships,” said Susan.
Students have gotten anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a year’s worth of tuition from the BC Foundation. One of last year’s scholarship recipients, Chitalu Mumba, won the “BC Scholarship for Leaders” and received $1,500. Ever since getting the scholarship, he likes to spread the word about the BC Foundation and