BC Golf: Teams of true potential

One of the only sports here at Bellevue College that plays through two seasons is the men’s and women’s golf team.

While the fall season is mostly considered a “warm-up” season, the team still plays each round, match and tournament as if it was their last. Each player knows that every drive, chip and putt gets him or her closer to getting a winning season. The teams play solid golf led by Head Coach Kirk Johanson.

The men’s team this season has gotten off to a rocky start, but they are not discouraged by their fifth-place finish at their last tournament.

The team of long drivers is still optimistic about their chances to win matches and tournaments. “We are a good team, but we just need to get more consistent,” said men’s golfer Erik Frank about his team’s ability.

When talking about the men’s team, Johanson said, “This is a team with a lot of potential, and come spring we will be a lot better.” With practice, the team will definitely improve.

The women’s team is a different story so far this season. In both of their last tournaments, their players finished first, and went undefeated all of last year as well, bringing their total to ten straight victories.

Their team was so good that they won the Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges championship, which made them the first ever, women’s golf team at BC to ever do so.

Fah Anasuriya, who currently is in the top roster spot on the women’s team, said, “We feel really good right now, and we can only get better.”

Other golfers on the female side are Jamie Kirsila, Kayce Ogishima, Corey Rois and Kendall Likes.

When reflecting on his team, Johanson said, “We have never had a team this strong, and we will only get better with more practice.” The girls are on a hot streak and they have no plans to slow down.

Both teams are getting fired up for their spring season, where a majority of their matches and tournaments are played, and are ready to win.

The teams will be having tryouts to expand for the spring season in late February, so if you want to try and join this elite squad, dust off the old driver and get ready to hit the links.