BC Halloween Spooky-Dance

Get ready to get spooky at Bellevue College on Oct. 25, 2012 from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. The International Student Association is hosting their annual Halloween Dance on campus in the cafeteria.

Halloween, as most of us know, is a time of celebration and superstition. This is one of BC’s most anticipated and largest events happening during the fall quarter. The Photography Club and Campus Activity Board are also sponsoring this event. With these kinds contributions, not only are there going to be photos at this festivity, but also great tunes to keep the dance floor booming.  There will be music, decorations and even a haunted house.

Food and beverages to help keep the energy of the dance going strong will delight guests.

BC throws this event each year in honor of the ISA. Kristianto, President of the ISA, stated, “We are throwing this dance to share some American culture here at BC. A lot of international students don’t celebrate Halloween. So, we want both the international and local students to all come together.”

The dance is being held on a Thursday night because Friday, Oct. 26 is a holiday and students will not be attending school.  Also, “Freak Night,” which takes place in Seattle, will occur later that evening. There are only about 300 tickets being sold for this dance so it’s basically first come, first serve.

Students will definitely need to dress their best for this event. A costume competition will be held with the categories of goriest, sexiest and manliest. BC has even provided a make-artist to create some scary faces for the night. The dance will cost only $8 if you purchase your tickets before the day. But if you decide to attend last minute, admission sales at the door will be $11. So, don’t be ghostly and hurry fast and buy them before the 25. Tickets are available in room C-105.

The history of this haunted night in Japan and China was non-existant until recent times. Halloween is now a world wide holiday.

Though Halloween in American culture is thought of as a terrifying night where dead spirits walk among the Earth, Mexico knows “Halloween” as The Day Of The Dead, a day of celebration for those who once lived. In the late 1800s, America made a move to mold Halloween into a holiday, making it more of a celebration than about ghosts, pranks and witchcraft. Parties were more focused on games, foods of the season and even dressing up in festive costumes.

By the 1930’s, “American” Halloween had become a time of year where children and adults all dressed up and went out “trick or treating” to receive candy.

Even though Halloween is on a Wednesday, BC is still putting on a well- organized haunted dance just before the three-day weekend to really kick off the fright for the holiday. So bring some friends and join everyone on campus for a spooky, fun-filled evening.