BC honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

MLK3Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to civil rights and equality. For this very reason, Bellevue College has decided to reserve a week to show the accomplishments of Dr. King and to follow in his work for civil rights and true equality.

Michael Yoon, the vice president of Student Affairs and Pluralism, is the one organizing the events for the week. He commented, “This MLK event is a celebration of the life of a great social justice advocate while acknowledging that still great amount of work needs to be done.”

Other clubs are working with the event to make more points along the lines with what Yoon is putting on. Throughout the week clubs such as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual Queer Resource Center, Black Student Union, Latin American Culture Club along with other clubs will be presenting various events in accordance with the week. “Ensuring the campus dedicates time to reflecting and examining their commitment to the social justice, especially during the beginning for the year. It sets the tones of the rest of the year,” said Yoon.

The first day of the event is Jan. 21 where the Associated Student Government will be in Seattle marching along with others for the cause. “That day is one of the signature event Bellevue College participated for nearly 10 years,” said Yoon. The ASG is looking for at least 50 students to participate in the event.

On Jan. 22 the LACC will be having an event titled “Continuing MLK’s fight” to celebrate King and his fight for equal rights. On Wednesday Jan. 23, LGBTQ is presenting “The Generation Discrimination” which is a skit showing racial discrimination. Thursday, Jan. 24, different clubs and programs are going to present an open forum to further understand and appreciate the diverse cultural community. Friday. Jan. 25, BSU will have Delbert Richardson who owns an exhibit of African American history which he has made into a traveling museum as a guest speaker.

“We still have to combat sexism, racism, discrimination and oppression. Improving awareness and acting to bring about social justice to the world is paramount,” said Yoon. If students want more information about this event, sign up to do the march and on how to pitch in for the week, contact Michael Yoon at asgsapo@bellevuecollege.edu.