BC is home to two local TV channels

As students go from the library to the N building they may not realize that they are passing by the home of two local TV channels.

“The College Channel,” channel 28, is BC’s own. It is produced and run by BC television services. “BTV,” channel 21, is the city of Bellevue’s government access channel, and includes “live and recorded broadcasts of the City Council and the Legislature, arts events and the local news magazine, Lake to Lake,” according to their website. The channel is operated through a partnership with BC. Lake to Lake is produced by former BC student Robin Haaseth.

TV programming schedules for BC’s channel can be found online at collegechannel.tv. Here viewers can also access archived footage of lectures, including a 20 episode run of Drawing for Animation I and II.

Broadcasted programs include a variety of educational topics, including video versions of some BC lectures and classes. For example on Wednesday March 9, along with lectures, broadcasts will include features on writer Walt Whitman, as well as Tsimshian Wood Carver David Boxley – part of a series on Pacific Northwest history.

In addition to programmed educational topics, the channels also features live coverage of various BC sports and lecture events. This live coverage also streams on the website.
Most footage is produced and edited by students at BC, although syndicated shows make up some airtime as well.

The website for Channel 21 has an extensive archive of city council meetings and various programming that covers more than a decade.

Students interested in learning how to film for the BC station can take part in the Advanced Video Production certificate program. This 48-credit certificate program provides an opportunity for students to get real experience in a variety of aspects of video production.

BC student Judy Kiama found this program after a start at BC working towards a digital media arts associate’s degree. She stated that she loves the track because “it’s hands on employment training and networking.” Her recent projects range from collaboration with the City of Bellevue to the drama department’s projects to filming short videos for BC’s 50th anniversary.

A large part of both channels’ programming comes from partnerships within the community. Coming up in April, the pilot for a new show called “The Movement: Women on The Rise” will air on channel 28. This show is being produced at Bellevue College through the K.D. Hall Foundation.

While the project focuses on women, co-founder and CEO of K.D. Hall, Kela Hall, says she hopes this show can inspire all people to “step out and be themselves, and do exactly what it is that they want to do.”

The show will be filmed and produced through BC Television Services, but will be “syndicated to many, many stations.” Hall said the show has been ten years in the making, but what really motivated her to make it a reality was becoming pregnant. She thought “there’s no way that I can tell my daughter to follow her dreams if I have not done the same.”

BC Television services was chosen out of several community colleges and public access channels in the area after a positive partnership with director Rick Otte.

Work produced through BC Television Services on Channel 21 has received over  a dozen awards from the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors since 2006.

Many students also find individual success through BC’s video production opportunities.  Video student Judy Kiama recently received the Kennedy Center Meritorious Achievement Award for her multimedia work in the fall production of “These Shining Lives.” That production also won awards for lighting design, ensemble work, stage management and direction.

BC Television Services is a resource for students not only through its two TV channels, but also through the opportunities it provides in partnership with community members and students in the advanced track.