BC Model United Nations

With the arrival of fall quarter, BC Model United Nations is back in business. BC MUN focuses on simulating events and activities of the United Nations and other international organizations, according to the BC MUN website. The ultimate simulation is held in New York over the course of a few days, where students deliver speeches and conduct a slew of other UN-like processes.
The goal for students is to develop a better understanding of international relations, the politics of other nations, and how the United Nations conducts its work, says the BC MUN Internet page. In addition to that, members of the BC MUN learn how to analyze issues such as peacekeeping, disarmament, economic development, environmental policy, and human rights, and they consider the impact of political, economic, historical, social and cultural factors on foreign policy and international diplomacy.
During the summer, BC MUN was active. No new students were present, but President Ellen Gilley and four other former members met a few times over the summer in order to prepare for fall quarter and for The National Model United Nations Conference.
“In November, we’re actually going to Rome. I and a few others will be going to the National MUN conference and other members of our own Model United Nations will be going to the MUN conference here in Seattle,” said Gilley.
The exact dates for the conference being held in Rome are Nov. 23- Nov. 28, and Gilley will be attending along with two other BC MUN members, Tiffany Dao and Anna Broshius.
On Sept. 25 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., BC MUN held a Meet and Greet event in C211 for any and all students to come and talk to the team and see what MUN was all about. Returning members came of course, as well as new students who were looking for a new club to join.
“This is my first time really looking into clubs, but it seems pretty interesting. I just want to get more involved and this seems like a good way,” said BC student, Sulaiman Alessa.
BC Model United Nations meets every Thursday in C225 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.