BC Player Profile: Jenessa Reid

Jenessa Reid SOURCE: (bellevuecollege.edu)
Jenessa Reid SOURCE: (bellevuecollege.edu)

Please state your name, age, high school attended.

Jenessa Reid, 19, West Valley HS

What initially sparked your interest in tennis?

I started tennis because my mom played it all the time and she really liked it so I decided to try it out.

How long have you been playing this sport? And where at?

I stated playing my junior year in high school. I played on the school team in high school and now I play at Bellevue.

What’s the primary reason you are playing for the Bulldogs tennis team?

I actually came to Bellevue for volleyball but then I just randomly decided to try and play and actually ended up making the team here.

What’s the most important memory you have relating to playing tennis?

My most important memory of tennis would be when we won NWAACCs last year. It was very rewarding hearing that we won, we all worked very hard that weekend of NWAACCs and we really deserved it!

Outside of tennis, what are your other interests or hobbies?

Besides tennis I also play volleyball. I’m also really interested in art so I do a lot of painting.

What would you like to do with your future in education? Are you planning on getting a specific degree? (Basic overview).

I’m not 100% sure of what I’m going to do in the future, but who is. I think I want to go into interior designing or something with business.

How are you feeling about the future NWAACC playoff games and what is your attitude going into each competitive match-up?

I’m really excited about NWAACCs this year. I just know we are going to blow everyone out of the water because we are kind of a big deal this year! (Knock on wood) We all expect to win every match we play this year and I know we will all be very successful.